Las Vegas

Panorama of Las Vegas in late December of 2001. Las Vegas around 1908. At that time there was nigh but a railroad station and a couple of small ranches.

Las Vegas has a rich history and geography that includes Indians, early pioneers, snowcapped mountains, mining, railroads, ranching, spectacular rock formations, mining, gambling, mobsters, nuclear testing, mining, wild horses, rivers, lakes, and last but not least, mining. Mining for silver and gold, that is.

Las Vegas in 1952. The town was still small back then, but the "Strip" was beginning to grow

Ever since construction workers moved to Las Vegas, it just hasn't stopped growing. Now there are plenty of adventures available right in town -- even if you aren't yet 21 years old. However, the miniquests dealt with here have to do with adventures in the surrounding wilderness.

The Wilderness

Looking at a map of the area surrounding Las Vegas reveals place names such as Deadman Canyon, Green Monster Mine, Opal Field, Fossil Ridge, Robber's Cave, Fort Pahute, and Gold Butte. How can anyone resist exploring these sites?

In addition to sight seeing around Las Vegas, there is the opportunity to explore old mining claims, ghost towns, and even participate in a bit of gold panning.

A few of these adventures have been documented here in the hopes that you may find them amusing.

Let's visit some of these places.