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Las Vegas

Stories, pictures, and information about a variety of attractions around Las Vegas that lie outside of the main gambling entertainment industry.

Lower Potosi


Short stories chronicling off-road adventures near Las Vegas and interesting places within Las Vegas itself.



Lower Potosi

Joseph Bostic

Date:.........May 30th, 1998
Destination:..Lower Potosi
Duration:.....Day trip
Weather:......clear & mild


As new paraglider pilots, we've heard legends of flying from the top of the radio tower mountain (lower Potosi) near Goodsprings. One saturday, the flying group decides to go there and possibly fly if the wind permits.


The Radio Towers

Radio Towers

As we drive through Goodsprings and to the top of the radio tower mountain, I get a strong sense of deja vu. Sure enough, I have been here before! The place is covered with radio towers, humming equipment, and mysterious buildings.

Unfortunately, the wind was not very strong and blowing from the wrong direction. Wind direction can change so we decide to wait around a bit to see what happens.


Sandy Valley

Las Vegas

The view was great. To the left was Las Vegas in the distance and to the right was Sandy Valley.

Hey! It looks dangerous. Let's all go climb on it!

There is an old wooden ramp that leads out to nowhere. This is used by hang gliders for launching. The wood looked old and rickety. Maybe it was such a state of decay that it was unsafe to walk on? All the electromagnetic radiation on the mountain top certainly couldn't help the longevity of a wood structure.

I'm not saying there is such a thing as alien mind control, but for some strange reason, everyone just had to climb out on the ramp and tempt fate. Being the designated photographer, I resisted temptation and remained on solid ground to document what may be the others last moments.

Fortunately, the ramp was quite sturdy and everyone lived. It was then that the mind control thing happened again.




This looks even more dangerous.
Let's all go climb on it!

The radio towers are equipped with climbing ladders. Everyone just had to go climb on them.


Time To Fly (maybe)

Roger prepares to launchThe wind was marginal at best, but Roger wanted to fly if the wind became a little better. He set up his wing in anticipation of flying and then waited for the wind to improve. Occasionally, the wind would blow up the mountain at the right speed, but it was because of rotor. The prevailing wind was actually blowing the other direction but as the wind curled over the mountain top, it made the wind appear to come from the opposite direction. After a 10-15 minute wait, Roger realized that it was not meant to be.

Time To Go (definitely)

The wind just would not cooperate, so we pack up and leave. Maybe next time we will fly.


The End