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Las Vegas

Stories, pictures, and information about a variety of attractions around Las Vegas that lie outside of the main gambling entertainment industry.


Las Vegas around 1908. At that time there was nigh but a railroad station and a couple of small ranches

Las Vegas has a rich history and geography that includes Indians, early pioneers, snowcapped mountains, mining, railroads, ranching, spectacular rock formations, mining, gambling, mobsters, nuclear testing, mining, wild horses, rivers, lakes, and last but not least, mining. Mining for silver and gold, that is.

Las Vegas in 1952. The town was still small back then, but the "Strip" was beginning to grow


Ever since construction workers moved to Las Vegas, it just hasn't stopped growing. Now there are plenty of adventures available right in town -- even if you aren't yet 21 years old. However, the miniquests dealt with here have to do with adventures in the surrounding wilderness.

The Wilderness

Looking at a map of the area surrounding Las Vegas reveals place names such as Deadman Canyon, Green Monster Mine, Opal Field, Fossil Ridge, Robber's Cave, Fort Pahute, and Gold Butte. How can anyone resist exploring these sites?

In addition to sight seeing around Las Vegas, there is the opportunity to explore old mining claims, ghost towns, and even participate in a bit of gold panning.

A few of these adventures have been documented here in the hopes that you may find them amusing.

Nevada State Museum

The Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas is located at the Springs Preserve state park. The museum is themed on general history so exhibits range from ancient geology to modern Las Vegas show biz. This Nevada State Museum is fairly new as far a museums go so I thought it was time to check it out and write up a little review of my experience there.

Ashdown Gorge

Ashdown Gorge is a beautiful array of the finest scenery you will see in the Zion National Park in Utah. As the name very appropriately implies, much of the hike is downhill into a dark and dank gorge.


Although Ted was in charge of navigation for the swan-song trip from Westwood Studios, we ended up visiting some interesting places including an old mine, a ghost town, and modern day petroglyphs. A fitting and foretelling trip indeed.

Mojave Preserve

East of Las Vegas Vegas lies the Mojave Desert Preserve. We explore this area and discover trains, an old railroad depot, a ghost town, cactus flowers, snakes, cows, cinder cones, lava tubes, and even more surprises. It was quite an adventure!

Gold Butte

We came across information regarding a sink-hole known Devil's Throat. It is located far off the beaten path -- clear on the other side of Lake Mead. This also looks like a good area to stash some buried treasure. There is also the ghost town of Gold Butte there.

Ash Meadows

We had heard rumors of a place called Devil's Hole and Ash Meadows. The area boasted of gigantic dunes, desert springs, exotic wildlife, and hole named after the Devil. That settled it, we knew where we were going!

Spooky Canyon

Everyone knows about the fun that can be had in Death Valley National Monument, but few realize that the fun isn't bound by its borders. Actually, we heard of a place called Spooky Canyon. Naturally, we had to find out if it was as spooky as the rumors indicated.

Duck Creek

There is a place near Las Vegas that is rumored to have many petroglyphs. What was life like before recorded history? With petroglyphs, if we can interpret them, we may find out. Heck, petroglyphs are a form of recorded history. So begins the story of what we like to call "The Day of the Petroglyph".

Knob Hill

Ted told us of a place that he visited decades ago that was a prehistoric Indian gathering place. He told us tales of endless fields of pottery fragments and Indian arrowheads. The location is south of Boulder City and Nelson's Landing.

Desert National Wildlife Refuge

What lies north of Las Vegas (other than the Nuclear Test Site)? The only official item on our trip agenda was to see if we could reach Dead Man's Canyon, that according to the map, was located to the north of Las Vegas within a large area marked Desert National Wildlife Range. 

Titus Canyon

The roads into Death Valley were now open for tourist season so we decided to head up to Beatty and pass over into California to head down through Death Valley and back to Las Vegas. Who knows, maybe we might see some abandoned mines, ghost towns, spectacular scenery, and desert wildlife?

Nelson's Landing

Nelson's Landing is rich in gold deposits and has a long history in Nevada. It borders the Colorado river near the upper reaches of Lake Mojave. The area is rugged and peppered with mines -- just the place to go exploring.

Delamar Ghost Town

There is a ghost town called Delamar, north of Nevada that is largely intact. There are buildings, mines, and paraphernalia are still present. Since a few of our group had visited Delamar before, we planned our trip to pass through a valley and along roads that none of us had traveled before. It would be an exploration adventure for all of us.

Cottonwood Pass

A group of adventurers decided to explore the area south of Red Rock canyon. The goal was to see some wild horse herds (reported to be in the area), test out out GPSs, and to give the 4-wheel drive vehicles a little workout. One of our party is an old hand at off-roading and was going to give us a few pointers.

Marshall Peak

On July 5th, 1998 a group of paraglider pilots set forth to fly from Marshall Peak in San Bernadino county. Marshall is legendary for providing good thermal flying. This was to be the first trip to Marshall for three of the pilots and they were looking forward to an adventure. They weren't disappointed.

Lower Potosi

As new paraglider pilots, we've heard legends of flying from the top of the radio tower mountain (lower Potosi) near Goodsprings. One saturday, the flying group decides to go there and possibly fly if the wind permits.

Green Monster Mine

On January 1st, 1998 a group of explorers journeyed in search of what may lie west of Jean Nevada. They discover mine shafts, an X-Files communication station, the Green Monster Mine, and cans cans cans. This is the true story of that adventure.

Christmas Tree Pass

A group of adventurous souls set forth on a quest to explore Christmas Tree Pass and to find ancient petroglyphs in the Nevada desert. Along the way they discover crusty miners, ancient astronauts, Dante's inferno, and a gargoyle! This is the true story of that adventure.